Friday, July 4, 2014


It's been 100 years, I know!

 I need to update you on my newest obsessions...

  • Brooches, especially bug brooches. I fancy wearing three bugs at a time. 

  • Intaglios (pronounced with a silent "g"). These plaster cameos were educational souvenirs that were all the rage in the early 19th century during the grand tours of Europe. I think of these as the early predecessor of the smooshed penny souvenir.

  • Portrait Miniatures- The smaller they are the more expensive they cost!  Toward the end of the eighteenth century, America was swarming with the finest miniaturists from Great Britain, France, and Italy. 

    • Vintage menu cards, I am fascinated by what dishes were served for holidays and special occasions. 

    • Cookbooks having to do with the Presidents and First Ladies. I vote for President Kennedy's chef as my favorite. 

    • Pressed glass souvenir plates from royal coronations. WARNING, these plates are very affordable!!! 

    What are you collecting?

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