Sunday, October 2, 2011


One of the most stylish people I know is now blogging at Rue de Emily. Emily's home is brimming with inspiration and beauty, and I always leave her home with an overwhelming urge to throw away everything I own.  Emily is celebrating the color blue this month, and she has already posted some fabulous photos. Please give her a warm welcome.

My blue and green phones.


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Those phones are so cute!! Two of my favorite colors! I'm off to check out that blog. Thanks for the link!

Claudia said...

I'll check out the blog, Linda. I wanted to tell you I so enjoy your posts from China.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Will click. Do like your phones!

Emily said...

Linda, You are very sweet! Just saw the nice post- thank you very much! I feel the same about your talents and home...and I just was telling someone about how I get such inspiration from you! I LOVE the BLUE phone! My grandmother had that exact phone (I obviously inherited my love of blue from her)

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Linda,

Love these old phones!