Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nie Hao and Xie Xie

It has been a very long time since my last visit. Facebook, YouTube, and Blogger are all blocked here, so it is rather difficult to post. It is hard to believe that we have lived in China for a year and a half. Sometimes it feels like we just arrived, and at other times it feels like it has been 100 years. It was quickly discovered that I no longer possess the ability to learn a new language, especially Mandarin. I finally scrapped my lessons and Mandarin teachers everywhere celebrated.

I have many new pals here and I drag them to the shadiest places I can find. Here are some photos from my latest outing.

 I am always a bit terrified that something is going to crawl up my pant leg here.

Places like this make me forget about all of the things I miss back home. I especially miss programs about hoarders, best TV ever. Is there something wrong with me? Drinkable tap water and buying shoes are distant memories. People will laugh and point if you require anything bigger than a size seven.

I have developed relationships with many of the vendors at my favorite antiquing street. Negotiations are done by passing a calculator back and forth. My favorite lady says "you killed me" when we finally  reach a price for an item. I have killed her on countless occasions.


Emily said...

I just love to see you back on!! Your blog is just fabulous and I love the pics of your treasure hunting! Hope to see more soon! XO


Hopefully when you do get back home you can entertain us for a long time with your stories and photos.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see this post! The things you miss--the things you love while there. But especially the "You killed me" story.

Christy said...

I just love seeing all the cool stuff you're doing and seeing. Makes me feel better to know you're having fun. Love you and miss you. Are you coming home in April for you-know-what???

Karen from A`Musements said...

I know I'm one among many when I say "I MISS YOU PAL LINDA!!!"

Yes, to me it seems more like 100 years that you have been 'gone' (as if China were another planet, and by description it may seem that way at times) instead of a year and a half, which is long enough. I hope your family is adjusting--- you, the ever-curious-adventurer, I'm not surprised about.

I don't "do" Facebook, so if you still have my email, send up a flare when you have a chance and aren't busy "killing" someone on a deal in a fabulous 'finds' market.

Miss YOU!!! xoKaren

karen brown said...

Hi Linda, how fab to have a post from you.Can't believe that you also like "Hoarders." Also my secret vice. I'm unable not to watch, as compelling as a train crash.And all the while, a little voice goes "there but for the grace of God..." Am always impelled to go and tidy something after an episode.Cheers from the Antipodes, Karen