Saturday, May 8, 2010


Gorgeous people, scenery, pagodas, mountains, and a lake to boot!

We went on a little trip to the historical  city of Hangzhou, just a two hour drive from Shanghai. It is perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Italian explorer, Marco Polo described Hangzhou as "without doubt, one of the finest and most splendid cities in the world". The city has a history dating back more than 2,200 years!

Some of China's finest tea leaves come from the mountains in Hangzhou. I can't begin to describe the wonderful smell of the toasting tea leaves.

I want to live in this house!

We hiked up a million stairs to get to this pagoda, I almost had to live here. The thought of climbing back down all of those stairs was truly daunting.


Coco said...

Beautiful place. Would love to visit.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Keep the pictures coming! They are breathtaking--like a mini vacation for me!

Ronnie said...

How could I not know you are in action, reporting to us from China!
Glad I checked in this bright and sunny morning.
Take care and soak in this fortunate life you are experiencing.
I'm looking SO forward to your Crispell posts from China!

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

How happy am I to have wandered upon your blog.I too am an artist and have for many years held a secret desire to live in china someday! for now I have settled on France. Love your assemblages and will be back soon thanks Linda

Saucy said...

I do not want to sound ignorant when I ask this, but I ask it with sincerity: can you describe the smell?

I imagine you can smell tea and jasmine and blossoms and that it is kind of swampy and murky too. Can you smell the foodstuffs everywhere or is that in my imagination? What about the pollution?

Maybe you could write a descriptive post about the aromas...