Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's For Dinner?

I am going to start by showing you some of the pretty things in the grocery store across the street from our house. I love the colors of the Chinese sweets (above) and the cut pineapples (below) are less than $2.00 each!

I have no idea what kind of fruit this is below and how one goes about getting inside of it.

The dried fruits and flowers are for teas and have the most wonderful scent.
 I filled a bowl with dried citrus and it makes the room smell great.

 I tend to walk quickly through the dried & flattened fish area below.

I divert my eyes when I walk past this big basket of unknown food. 
My sympathy to the yaks????

Deke did not believe a word I said when I told him this was a pet shop in the grocery store. They have a variety of live snakes, turtles, and some surprisingly large frogs. I  have successfully avoided the tanks containing three of my phobias.

Grocery shopping has been fun and challenging. Packaging is obviously written in Chinese and sometimes I have no clue what is inside the package.  I was strolling the aisles and spotted a bottle of something called "Swallow" imagine my surprise when I discovered this was dishwashing soap.


Jess said...

I love shopping in China Town, but the "pet section" in the grocery store kinda makes me want to free them all.

These are beautiful displays. What's been your favorite? xx

Coco said...

Reminds me of the International Food Market in Atlanta. I have seen that porcupine fruit thing before. I asked what it was but the people looking at it didn't speak English. I think we were the only English speaking people in the store.

I guess you will be getting a real education living where you are. Hopefully you don't get any bad surprises in a package.

Deborah said...

Hi Linda
I think your mysterious fruit is a Durian. We get them here in Australia. People either love them or hate them.
You peel off the outer husk and there are pods of fruit inside. Each pod has a large seed in its centre.
It can have a rank odour as your peeling it open which puts people off. The fruit tastes like a cross between a banana and passionfruit.
Similar to a custard apple if you've tried one of those.
I like them...but my husband wouldn't touch one with a barge pole!

marygrace semenoff said...

Oh, I know how mysterious everything looks... but after a month or more, I was so homesick for something to settle my tummy, The Secret Weapon came home with (of all things) a package of shortbread cookies. I simply swooned!!xoxothe fan

Saucy said...

Send one simple word of a message: "help" when you decide that you need some Campbells soup, soda crackers, and Froot Loops. I can hook you up.

vivienne strauss said...

Linda this post made me laugh out loud! Reminds me of picking up a container at the Atlanta Farmer's Market out of curiosity and putting it right back after discovering that it was calf brains :)

You could definitely write a book about your adventures!