Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting There

The first leg of our trip involved all of us sitting in the middle seats of different rows in the airplane, beautiful planning! No one would budge so I could sit with my kids. I had Gar check how we are going to be seated on the way to China for 14 hours, and it is a little bit better. Gar is seated somewhere in the nether regions and the kids will be seated next to me.
I will be relieved to finally get situated in our new home. For reasons unknown I packed a suitcase full of socks and only one pair of pants for Lulu, so I will need to go shopping very soon. Look out Super Brand Mall.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Before/After Mao/Nixon

Dining room before/after

We are breaking some type of record for the number of small boxes used in our move, ugh! I take no pride in this title, it is very similar to the time a waitress announced that she had never seen anyone finish a slice of the cheesecake at her restaurant, as she gazed at my empty plate. I honestly did donate a tremendous amount of my worldy possessions, yet I still look like a crazy hoarding cat lady, minus the cats. Aren't those cupcakes cute? My sister brought over a dozen farewell Mao/Nixon cupcakes much to our delight.  I will hopefully start blogging as soon as possible in Shanghai.