Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Made In China

Found loads of cute food.

Shanghai's skyline designed by George Jetson

Blue Gumby is everywhere for the Shanghai World Expo

Neat sculpture on our way to the airport.

(Chinese symbol for junking)

I am back and completely turned around, wide awake all night and sleepy during the day. We had fun shopping in Shanghai and found a few cool things to bring back home. Chinese junk shopping involves some serious negotiating with a calculator being passed back and forth. On more than one occasion I heard the merchants getting a hardy chuckle at how much this dumb American paid for something.
Very little of old Shanghai is still standing. I saw a few old buildings waiting for the wrecking ball with cool architectural details that clearly weren't being saved. I was tempted to jump a construction fence and pry off a carved wood frieze hanging over an old door. Gar is always so quick to poo poo this type of activity, such a party pooper!
Lulu and I braved they very crowded market and she scored a Mao watch. I was always drawn to the rickety old stool or chair that the merchant was sitting on, but I new the limitations of our luggage. We thoroughly enjoyed venturing into the grocery stores and looking for packages of cute food. I bought the kids something that I thought was like Starburst candy. After eating one of these "Starbursts" Deke narrowed them down to being gum or soap, we never did figure it out.


Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Details. I want details! xo Joan

Rebecca Ramsey said...

How exciting! I've always wanted to go! One day I'd love to move there for a couple of years. Now that would be a book!

Marybeth said...

Gum or soap....LOL!!! Y'all are too funny!

Karen from A`Musements said...

Welcome home!!! Now you can have junk food without having to eat in a junk! So glad you didn't try to make off with the interesting stools the merchants were perched on. No need to try writing your blog from a Chinese prison, right? So glad you are all back home, safe and sound and so culturally rounded. (Although that 'George Jetson skyline' WAS mighty impressive).

Karen with a
beautiful bracelet
on her wrist

Claudia said...

I want to hear more! You were there on a shopping trip? Tell all. It sounds absolutely fascinating!


Anonymous said...
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Saucy said...

Very funny! Trust Miss Lulu to find such a watch. I actually have seen one, you know. My brother has one, plus a crazy Mao lighter. I suppose some of the North American Kennedy/Obama and that sort of merchandise would make Chinese people giggle... they would think it campy that I have a Jackie O doll in my dining room, do you think?