Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happiness Is...

Deke and Lulu

The music of Louis Jordan and...

Louis Prima and...

Louis Armstrong

Tiny Champagne Grapes
Did you know that currants are dried Champagne grapes?

Annie Hall

Paris as seen through the lens of Willy Ronis

Busby Berkley Films

Louise Brooks

Reading old menu cards

Vintage bra advertising

What makes you happy?


Coco said...

70's Rock
Really good movies
Really scary movies
A book I can't put down until I am blind
Grandkids saying I love you

LiLi M. said...

A book that you simply cannot put down.
Seeing a movie that makes me cry.
Listening to my son on the guitar à l'improviste.
Celebrating Sinterklaas (the original and far better Santa!)
Making a walk down town
Driving somewhere touristic with hubby
Going to a flea market and find that perfect bargain.

Mmmm I think I'm going to visit Coco: I just don't have any grandkids and she doesn't know Sinterklaas but otherwise...
Thanks for inspiration Linda!

Claudia said...

You're a girl after my own heart - I love your list! I'm too tired to think of my own list right now - just got finished mowing our big lawn. But I enjoyed yours!

Jayme said...

The smell of burning leaves - Fall!
Finding that old box of buttons at the estate sale
New clogs

Halliehoop said...

Happiness is...friends on my porch with a good glass of wine...husband asking me out on a date...children enjoying each other's company... reading thoughtful blog entries like yours!

susan said...

I'm with you on Diane Keaton,Louis Armstrong, and cute kids! My first visit--enjoyed it!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I love how you put the vintage bra advertisement at the end!! Thanks for the chuckle and all of the wonderful pics!! :)

~ Wendy

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your post:) I did not know that about currants.

Saucy said...

Those tiny champagne grapes caught my attention at Costco. They were so incredibly sweet and perfect-looking that I was accused by family and visitors of displaying plastic fruit.

By the way, really nice fake fruit does in fact make me pretty happy. I have some pretty awesome fuzzy kiwis that never spoil :)

Gabriela said...

Hello Linda,

I love Champagne grapes and eat them every Summer!

~ Gabriela ~

Superbadfriend said...

glowsticks and cupcakes



karim said...

Good one on happiness and it helps a lot.

Karim - Mind Power