Monday, July 20, 2009

Orangedotstickbutt and Superbadfriend

Isn't this a wonderful painting? My very talented friend, Jessie Smith Larson a.k.a. SuperbadFriend gave me this extraordinary gift!!! I love Orangedotstickbutt, but I can't grow too attached because I know the Whitney in NYC will be calling soon to add it to their collections.
The beautiful paper flowers with enormous pearl centers were made by Joan Babb . I am the luckiest and most grateful girl in the world!


Saucy said...

A striking, bold piece for your collection.

Oh, and those flowers are really wonderful too. Lucky Linda.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I love that big superbad eyeball. I bet it follows you all around the room, doesn't it? It looks really good in person as I got to see on delivery day!!!!! Thanks for including my flowers in your photo, too. We both love being your friend!!!!!

Katie Runnels said...

cool! love the title!! xo

Coco said...

I love color and bold statements.

Restyled Home said...

Great painting, even better name!!


Superbadfriend said...

He looks so happy in your home. THANK YOU!!! xoxoxo