Friday, June 19, 2009

Surprise Lulu!

Flower shaped and polka dot balloons I found in Paris. I always check out grocery stores and party stores when we travel.

I made a garland out of candy necklaces.

Tissue paper flowers mixed with some real ones.

Lulu is in the stripes, and Rachel is on the left.

Last minute cake from Portillo's, the very best chocolate cake.
I made a candy dot runner for the table.

Surprise Lulu!
Deke was able to keep this under wraps for the few hours
we were scrambling to get this ready.

A very spontaneous surprise party lunch for Lulu's 15th birthday. Lulu's friend Rachel called me and graciously offered to have a surprise party for Lulu this week. I asked Rachel to round up some pals, and I would throw together the rest. It was fun not having the normal amount of planning time, I had to be more creative with the things I already had. It helps having a large supply of candy dots and candy necklaces on hand at all times! I have also discovered the beauty of having a helium tank ready to roll for just such an entertaining emergency.


elma said...

What a fun birthday!! Love the balloons!! I am sure fun was has ny all:) Have a great day!

Elma said...

I should not try to type so fast I mean I am sure fun was had by all!!

Jenn said...

hooray for Lulu!! The decorations were adorable Linda. and hello! polka dot balloons from Paris!!?! heaven!!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a wonderful celebration! Surprise b-days are so fun and your decorations are perfect! Leave it to the French to make the cutest balloons!

Saucy said...

It all looks lovely... and to be able to throw it together with what you have on hand? It confirms your genius.

The fact that you keep large quantities of candy "on hand" also confirms that we are sisters from other mothers. I could have brought you a giant ziploc filled with candy beads! Veto bought a bulk of necklaces at Costco and I picked out specific colours for a project and now I have a gallon of beads. The garland is a lovely idea I might have to pinch.

Oh, and the candy dots? I saw them at Walgreens and meant to grab them, they are very American and not available here, in fact, nobody knows what they are. When I got home, I had an idea to use them for something and Veto was still Stateside so I called him up. He stood at Walgreens, completely puzzled as to what "candy dots" were. I sent a picture to his phone and he and his colleague still didn't understand! Men. Gah. And there you go, giving me another idea how to use such items.

Hoping Lulu had a grand and wonderful day! Hugs to her! xoxo

Linda Crispell said...

Saucy- I will airlift candy dots to you in the next 24 hours! Hang in there, help is coming!
Your Pal,

one gal's trash said...

Those French balloons are just fantastique!
Lucky, Happy Lulu!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

She looks very happy and surprised. Happy Birthday to her from me. A big hug, too!!!!! I love the balloons. I will remember to look for them the next time I'm in Paris! Happy Friday

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

those balloons are divine!

Coco said...

Wow. You are just the best. Talk about being prepared. You should talk to Saucy about that magazine. You two would knock em dead.

Superbadfriend said...

You are so amazing, Linda. What a delightful party. I am marveling at your knack for putting such events together. Squeeeeeeee!!!!

Happy Birthday Lulu!