Monday, June 22, 2009

Flea Time

We had a grand time at the Grayslake Flea Market today.
I found this excellent little cabinet for all (maybe some) of my ephemera, just $15.00!!!

Rhubarb Reign's Sandy and Joe
have loads of unique things in their booth.
They are wonderful vendors, and luckily they set up shop at many flea markets in the Midwest.
I hope they are in your area!
Aren't these stencils cool that I picked up from them?
Please check out their new blog Rhubarb Reign, it is a visual treat!

I bought this stool for Gar as a Father's Day gift from my favorite vendor Joan at Anything Goes Here and The Potting Shed, her booth is always so beautifully styled!

Joan at Anything Goes Here and The Potting Shed generously gave me this lovely award! If you are not yet familiar with Joan, she is my favorite vendor at the flea market and she has the most breathtaking blog!!! I am guessing that like me, you clipped out the magazine spread of the little summer house she built in her backyard. It is exactly what everyone dreams of having one day!
Joan very kindly explained to me what you are supposed to do with awards, I guess I didn't understand. I owe an apology to all of the wonderful people who have bestowed awards upon me, and I didn't post them, I am still a bit clueless. I am unable to pick just five blogs, so I recommend that you spend the next few hours visiting everyone's blog that I have listed under my favorites!!! Please consider yourself a recipient of this wonderful award, too.


Kate Gabrielle said...

wow, I can't believe that cabinet was $15! It's fabulous!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Yes, I agree with Kate. $15? Wow. And thanks for the very generous comments about me. You know, I love you, BaBy!!!!!! Here I am visiting you minutes after finishing the flea!!!!! I am loyal and devoted Linda addict! Are we visiting Oman together soon?

lorhen82 said...

I am SOOOO jealous! I have been wanting a cabinet like that for so long, and you got a fantastic deal on it! Good for you! ~Lori

Carolee said...

What wonderful finds! And that cabinet...what I wouldn't give to find something like that for the studio....

Must pop on over to those blogs too - thanks for sharing them!

~ Carolee

Coco said...

That cabinet was a great find. That is the kind of deal I like to find. What magazine was Joan in? I would love to see that article.

Sandy and Joe said...

Hi Linda! It was so nice to visit with you at the market Sunday. Thanks so much for your kind comments about us and about the blog. They are very much appreciated. Come and see us again soon. xo -- Sandy/rhubarb reign

PS: Forgot to ask where to find Found magazine? And love that cabinet. I don't think you can beat Grayslake for excellent finds!

Superbadfriend said...

Ah. Your flea market finds are absolutely darling. Love love love!