Thursday, June 4, 2009

Farm Chicks This Weekend

Shrines are shipped and on their way to join Julie Thomas and her beautiful pottery at the Farm Chicks show this weekend!!!



I love your shrines. THey are fabulous!


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
these are darling
have fun this weekend.


anythinggoeshere said...

They are so cute and what a great place for them to be traveling to! One of my blog readers just let me know that that wire thing on my post is a round gutter end now we both know what you are looking for. Wild goose chase nipped in the.... xo Joan

leesilbeeblog said... the Poky Little Puppy top!

LiLi M. said...

These are so cute!

Saucy said...

I had no idea you were involved in Farm Chicks also, they are lucky to have your talents and these adorable shrines - they will be snatched up and you can build your Paris account tout suite!

adrienne said...

Those are lovely. I like the details, like the leaf on the roof.

Gabriela said...

Hello Linda,

Love these! All the best!

~ Gabriela ~

PJ's talking... said...

Oh, Linda.. no fair. I'm a big fan of your shrines... all I can see are the roofs... hope you sell out!xxxPJ

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Okay, I have got to go look at your Etsy. I get so self involved and (and so ashamed of it) so focused on working that I get behind in checking people's Etsy's as well as their blogs. I didn't know you were making shrines lately! I know these are off to Farm Chicks but maybe you have more you are hiding over there. These are lovely and charming and just so darn cool! I want to see them up close and enjoy every detail.

Thank you for your nice notes. I am still at my Dad's and so far, far behind on everyone I don't know when I will get caught up. I did have to take the time to read all the way down to where I left off with YOU though (Victory Gardens) and enjoy every little scrumptious morsel you leave us. Oh, it was a very nice little escape today. Now I am thinking of asking LuLu if I can go to Paris with you when you win the lottery.

I'll be back soon! Thanks again!

Katie Runnels said...

Fantastic, Linda!! xoxo

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

These are toooooo cute! I am sure that they will be adorable alongside Julie's pottery.

Oh I wish I could have gone to Farm Chicks....maybe next year!!!

:) Becky