Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doll Party

I know Lulu is too old for this, but her after school snack is going to be a little doll birthday party. I am making dolls with weird hair color, and I thought she would enjoy a little soirée in her honor. The party hat is from an ice cream cone wrapper, don't you love the stripes?


Dawn Supina said...

I love everything about this after school party. If I lived closer, I'd come to it, and I'm wayyy too old LOL

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Love it! You made that doll? You're way too talented!

Saucy said...

No, no no... she will NEVER be too old for that kind of party! The bed of coloured sugar under the cupcake is truly inspired.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I hope you don't mind if I comment your last couple of posts here too.

First, Happy Birthday to Lulu. How old is she? No matter, you're never too old for dolls, especially ones made by creative mom, Linda Crispell!

Next, I can't wait to see all that stuff you mentioned in your Etsy. Really! I want one of each just hearing about them! I am behind, way behind on mine too. I have so many things to list.

I love that your son wants to be a spy. How cool is that? And your daughter and my daughter should not ever talk - mine is so shopping the preppiest school she can find that I can't afford. Pepperdine and Notre Dame are at the top of the "possible" list in her mind. Little does she know. Please don't tell her about Georgetown.

I once lived very near Washington D.C. The last time I was there Nixon was President and we actually saw him during our White House tour. My dad worked for the government and has lived there several times over the years. He, my mom and brother attended JFK's funeral and march and we have such moving pictures from it. I wasn't born yet. I lost a little faux alligator purse in the Washington Monument when I was about 5 and I still yearn for it.

Anyway, it looks like you had a wonderful trip and when you take up the job of Social Secretary (which you could so do) give us some advance notice so we can be there to inaugurate you!


Linda Crispell said...

Thanks everyone!
It actually wasn't Lulu's birthday, I enjoy plopping a birthday candle on just about anything, anytime.
Marsha- How cool is your family???? I would have looked for your little alligator if I had known.
Your Pal,

laura said...

completely adorable...

Sarah said...

You turn the mundane after-school snack into an art form. I'm sure Lulu will look back on this tradition someday and realize how lucky she was!

Gabriela said...

Hello Linda,

How fun! Love this super cool doll!

~ Gabriela ~

adrienne said...

You can never be too old for a treat like that! What a sweet little doll.

Suzy said...

Great after school treat!! Bet Lulu was happy.....Looks like you had a great time in DC. Georgetown is lovely, you would fit right in!
Happy Spring,