Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welkom, Ketʼili ikos tkʼveni/šeni mobrżaneba,Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Kia Ora

Welcome Friends!!!

It is so wonderful to see friends visiting this blog from all over the world! This is just a sampling of some of the people visiting yesterday. I hope I seem much more intelligent and entertaining after Blogger translation.
Last summer, a newspaper in Oman carried the Chicago Tribune article about our home. It was quite amazing to imagine that people on the other side of the world were reading about my family, collections and decorating style. I wondered how the good people of Oman related to an article about flea market decorating.
I am grateful to everyone for stopping by, wether you are down the street or 6 time zones away.


Oman said...

Linda - hi from Oman.
Love Edith Piaf .
Just a small point in Oman the language is Arabic and a few others; Farsi is from the Persians in Iran

LiLi M. said...

Hi, just saying 'Hi' from 6 time zones away (at least!). I haven't tried translating your blog yet. I will do that when I need a good laugh!

Heliotrope Tree House said...

Isn't it amazingly beautiful? Sometimes I just marvel at all of the different visits my blog receives...Korea? Turkey? Greece? Brazil? Oh, it is so flattering and humbling...This small world we live in. You are a gem for reaching out in your lovely humorous way! I have often thought to do the same...Why not?


How do you know where people are visiting your blog from? Just curious. xo Joan...from a few miles away.

Kel said...

Isn't it just amazing!!! I love to imagine what their lives are like.
It's so interesting.

caren said...

I always wonder how they found my blog from so far the Ivory Coast.

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog from the next state!

Christine said...

I would love to see that article. Is it on the net somewhere?

I really love your blog and get a lot of joy from all of you collections.

Christine from 2 time zones away!

Gabriela said...

Hello Linda,

Isn't it awesome to have all these visitors from abroad?

~ Gabriela ~

Linda Crispell said...

Sadly, the link to the article ended with the magazine. I will try to figure out a way to post it here.

Karen Brown said...

greeting from the edge of the world!Yes,your blog is read in New Zealand,the last inhabited island before you fall off the map.It's always a treat and a little surprise to see what you have to show us each time you post.Cheers from the Antipodes, Karen Brown..Wellington..New Zealand

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Very cool.
I love that old photo. You find the best ones!

Saucy said...

We lurrve our virtual visits with you and also our real life ones!

Loopy and Veto bounced around the airport yesterday when we were dropping him off... it was announced that direct flights from here to Chicago begin this summer. Loopy thinks she and Lulu will be able to jam sometime.

Superbadfriend said...

YAY Linda! So many lovely people and places represented here and all because of you.