Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mora Clocks

photo courtesy of Antique -Atlas.com

photo courtesy of Heeren Van de Dam

photo courtesy of Swede Home

Aren't these clocks beautiful? These are 17th and 18th century Mora clocks from Sweden. They get their name from the village of Mora in Stockholm. The clocks were given as a wedding gifts, and the curvy shape of the clock was inspired by the lines of bride's wedding dress. Mora clocks are often painted in cream colors, light blue and pale green.
One day I will own one of these.


hope505 said...

Those clocks are wonderful! I want one, too!
* : )

Rebecca Ramsey said...

They're so elegant! How I love clocks.

Saucy said...

And one day later, I will break into your house and steal it.

Lisa Kaus said...

My heart... I am a clock collector of all shapes and sizes but never quite knew the history on the these.. I agree, I too shall have to find a space someday for one of these beauties...