Monday, February 16, 2009

Gimcrack Central

gimcrack |ˈjimˌkrak|
flimsy or poorly made but deceptively attractive .
a cheap and showy ornament; a knickknack.

flimsy, insubstantial, thrown together, makeshift; inferior, poor-quality, second-rate, cheap, cheapjack; tawdry, kitsch, kitschy, chintzy, trashy, dime-store; informal tacky, junky, cheapo, schlocky.

The definition of gimcrack seems so harsh, yet we have designed most of our decor around gimcracks. I like to see large grouping of gimcracks, so when I found this old church bulletin board at the flea market I knew I had struck gold! The vendor did not want to have to lug it back home and I bought it for a song.


LiLi M. said...

I love gimcracks! I never heard of that word. You know blogging is soo good for my english I might spent some more time here lol! my mother hated gimcracks like the stuff that came out of eggs from an automata (like a pinda machine, do you know those?). Luckily she had a sister who gave us all the quarters we needed. As I was unsattisfied as a child I still love those, even better than fine antiques. I have a lot of hairpin cards. And those tin brooches from Japan are also in my collection. Ah what eye candy! This church bulletin board is the best way to display the gimcracks!

adrienne said...

I've never heard that word, but I love it! Love that colorful display, too.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

what a find! I adore it.

Coco said...

Love it. I could use a whole wall of those.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

You lucky girl. I LOVE THAT CABINET--and all those gimcracks. They're so fun and colorful!

Latharia said...

Wow! You definitely struck gold!!!

Kristen said...

I never knew the name of my favorite things...but now I do~ Gimcrack!
Your old church bulletin board was one of my favorite things when I first saw it in Home Companion Magazine :)

Saucy said...

A new word for me! An amazing display case for you. Lots of sunglasses for Lulu!

elma said...

Love the display case!!

caren said...

What a great way to display your gimcracks! i have never heard of that word, but I think I will begin to use it - because I have a lot of it!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

The new word for today...Gimcrack!
What a catchy word.
A church bulletin board will house a plethora of gimcrack!

How was your Valentine's Day? We spent a very quiet evening home watching romantic movies and eating many confections of course!
Come visit, so you can see one of the decadent treats we indulged in.
Sweet wishes,

farmerjulie said...

love that..never heard it before! So fun!!