Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lulu's Take On Home

I found these wonderful photos that my daughter had taken on my camera. It is fascinating to me to see how Lulu photographs our home with shots of details and shapes. I think because I am a collector I always photograph groups of things, which makes for a less attractive picture.
I'm still learning.


Kristen said...

Nice shots!
Dang, I wish I could get such clean & crisp pictures for my Etsy shop!!
Looks like you have a future professional Photographer :)

ZenCrafter said...

Wow, a total natural!! Plus, you know your talent for seeing beauty in everyday things has rubbed off on her!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

She's got quite an eye! I bet I know where she got it from!

And that vase looks like a woman's shape in the light, complete with curves and a bellybutton.
Or maybe I need to take a nap.

Linda Crispell said...

That's actually a lamp, but it does resemble a very curvy woman.

Anonymous said...

It looks like she has a great eye!

Kel said...

What fun!!!
Your 16 Things are FAB
Rerun dance,I know it well!!!!
Decorating the summer home, YES
We actually have an old church we are turning into a summer home, but it's YEARS from being complete. Yeah, it's been decorated for years. Looks great sitting in my attic, waiting for someday!(;
Oh and the 13 jars of olives, I belly laughed!!!!
You are a funny gal,

Tumble Fish Studio said...

These are lovely. She could make some "allowance" by posting these on shutterstock or another stock photog place. I can send you some links if you'd like. I know someone making around $150/month just from their photos there. These would be perfect! Truly, no reason in the world they would not be a great success! I see an artist in the making (or already made, I couldn't take those pix!) If she's interested, I know of a very successful 18 year old young lady photographer that is already working with big name bands doing their cover shots. I can send you that link too - breathtaking pictures.

In response to your most recent post, hope it warms up soon for you. When I lived in SD and was used to the cold, I remember "laying out" when it hit 50 degrees. Now and here, we were parkas and Uggs and scarves and gloves if it's that cold! We're such dorks in CA, don't let anyone else tell you different! Stay cozy,


She has a good eye for the abstract.


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

That angle and perspective of the clock was my favorite. I see a professional in the making!! I too find it interesting to visit blogs with photos to see what and how they choose to shoot their pics.

I got to use my sons new camera. It was exhilarating and intimidating all rolled into one emotion. It was amazing fun!

Sweet wishes,