Friday, January 9, 2009

The Gallery

left- Lulu's painting of Paris, middle- Lulu's portrait of an unknown woman,
right- Deke's rose still life

Deke's painting of an ice cream sundae

Deke's drawing of Johann Sebastian Bach, Lulu and Deke's pottery

We have Lulu and Deke's art work displayed throughout the house. The wonderful colors they use in their art adds so much life to our home! When they were younger I would set up a still life for all of us to paint, it was so much fun to see how different our paintings were. Deke's paintings were rather elaborate creations and Lulu's subject matter inevitably ended up with a face on it. One of my favorite pieces is Deke's 2nd grade report on Bach, it sits on the bookshelf with their ceramics. How do you display the family art?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Every sculpture makes it to a shelf in my library or living room and the drawings/paintings/whatever are hung with ferocity! (Often by the artists themselves, quite proud of their work and their mastery of the roll of scotch tape)

Lani Robertson said...

your kids create wonderful pieces! i have my kids creations pinned on my board in my studio and also downstairs in the family room! kids art is the BEST! :0

Rebecca Ramsey said...

We do the same as you, framing some of it, putting the sculptures on display. Not much rivals a child's art for bringing joy to a room!
PS. I love those paintings! So happy!


What great colors..thinking of you stopped by to visit.. hope all is well.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Lovely work and so fun to see!

Being a former librarian, I noticed and especially loved the photo that showed the books seemingly sorted by color - all pinks and reds! Now that would be a fun way to arrange a library! As you may know, I have my books arranged in Dewey Decimal order as any proper librarian would. It is not near as pretty as yours!

Saucy said...

I dig your galleries.

I am completely befuddled by my Mac. I wish I could zoom Miss Lulu up here for a weekend tutorial, do you think she would go for that? I'm sure she could get Loopy and I all straight away.

On the bright side, your blog loads right away in Safari! Really, really fast.

Melanie O said...

I have the children's art work hanging all over the house, but mostly the stairwell and the office. I have a shelf in the china cabinet devoted to their 3D creations.

sushi2 said...

Your children are very talented artists. I hope they continue their gifted skills throughout their life. Creativity goes a long way, as we all know =)