Thursday, January 15, 2009

From The Book of Duh

Breaking News...Don't go out in the nude with just a fury throw today!!!

The temperature today is expected to hover around -5 degrees! The Chicago news stations have been providing their viewers with very helpful information. They have roving reporters all over the city telling us that it's very cold outside and we should bundle up when we go out. Without this invaluable advice we would most certainly be parading about in shorts and tank tops.

News Flash...Wear a coat when it's cold outside!!!

This Just In...Hats keep your head warm!!!


lorhen82 said...

I had planned on going out in the blizzardy weather in summer clothes, but you have saved me from the error of my ways. What would we do without the media to state the obvious??? ~Lori

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Thank goodness for the news crews keeping us apprised of the situation! I shall dress for this weather now for sure, because my goosepimpley skin wasn't tipping me off!

Gabriela said...

Hello Linda,

-5 is Summertime.
We are having -30, how is that! LOL!

~ Gabriela ~

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Your title made me choke on my coffee. Hilarious!
Thank goodness for TV reporters! Whatever would we do?

Angela said...

These are great photos? Are they family photos? I love your quick advice with imagery.

vivienne strauss said...

Linda, I love the pictures you choose to go with your posts!!! No matter how cold it is in Portland (the coldest we've experienced is 28 degrees (above 0), there is someone out there in shorts and a t-shirt. When I talked to my mom in northern Wis. this a.m. she was glad that it had gotten up to 2.