Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Barrel Of Monkeys

During the winter I try to come up with different forms of entertainment for us. It is so easy to feel cooped up and antsy without fun distractions. One of our projects this week is to make bird feeders and hang them outside our family room window. I have a bird guide for the kids to identify which birds we are attracting to the feeders and a logbook for them to record and sketch our visitors. Yesterday we blew bubbles outside in the frigid weather to see if bubbles really do shatter like glass when they hit the ground. Our bubbles tended to land with a gloopy plop rather than breaking into a million pieces. We were quite successful with turning boiling water into snow. We threw a pot of boiling water up in the air and it immediately turned to white snow as it fell to the ground, pretty cool.
Do you have any fun ideas to keep us from going insane?


hope505 said...

"...We threw a pot of boiling water up in the air and it immediately turned to white snow as it fell to the ground, pretty cool..." ...whut? really?!! That would be amazing to see!
Of course throwing boiling water in the air may potentially discourage your birdies from coming around...*heehee!*

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hm, I may have to try that boiling water thing...

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Whoa! Are you a science teacher under cover? Those are awesome ideas for keeping busy!
How fun. If only we'd get one single snowflake...

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Are there no end to your talents and wisdom of all cool things? Wow . . . all I can say is . . . wow . . .

Oh, and a couple of suggestions for books with such ideas as yours in them. Last year I got my hubby the Klutz book, The Encyclopedia of Immaturity which he greatly appreciated. It is full of all kinds of silly tricks all kids and their parents should know, maybe especially their parents. Also there is a book called Bet You Can't that is a little more science/physics based and full of things you think you can do but can't (like bend over with the backs of your heels touching a wall, etc.). Anyway, both should work well in your color coded library - one is red the other yellow. Just kidding (couldn't resist)!

You have to know your stuff to throw boiling water up in the air, boy. Here in CA, I think it wouldn't work so well - we would all just get splattered with boiling water and then have little burn spots all over our ducking heads as we run for cover. Could be an interesting game I guess on one of those days you are reasonably upset with the kids though. Just kidding again.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Ohhhh, how I wish I had the boiling water trick when we were snowed in at Christmas.
A Fun project...Here's one I was going to post(at Christmas among many others) but ran out of time.

SNOWFLAKES: Line sheets of wax paper on the table.
Melt a bag or two of Nestle white chocolate chips. The amount depends on how big you want to make them. Pour the melted chips into a ziploc sandwich bag. Snip the corner, creating a pastry bag. For uniform snowflakes draw a template and place it under the wax paper and follow the pattern. If you prefer to freehand, pipe a cross, circle or x shape. This will be the snowflake base. Then pipe lines in various lengths across the base. Let stand and set for a few minutes...then eat.

You can decorate your snowflakes WHILE WET with sprinkles or colored decorating sugars.
Let me know if you've got ?'s

Sweet Wishes,