Monday, December 1, 2008


Front yard this morning...


We have a winter wonderland this morning. The snow is so pretty to us in December, but come February and March it's not such a welcome sight. The beautiful snow does make the perfect backdrop for pulling out my holiday decorations. It usually takes me a week to get all of the ornaments on our two trees. While Lulu and Deke decorate the trees in their rooms in about five minutes. When do you decorate for the holidays and how long does it take?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That white stuff sure does help make things feel more festive...but like you, I'm glad to see it melt in the spring!

vivienne strauss said...

so very pretty!

Saucy said...

We have no snow yet! Just a skiff or so but it is well above freezing so it has mostly been rain up here in Canada! I cannot wait for the fluffy white stuff!

It takes me a couple of weeks to putz away... today The Fan and I tackled my "big tree" in the living room and I will finish it tonight... I want to have it all done before we leave on Thursday. Perhaps.

Superbadfriend said...

Wasn't this morning so peaceful? So quiet, we overslept (9am) need to get out to Target this evening and buy an *alarm clock.

When I decorate our tree, it usually involves ALOT of griping and moaning. And it happens a few days before Christmas because when it comes to making work for ourselves, we are laziest procrastinators on the planet.

(*we have no alarm clock. After the last one broke, that required driving to the store and looking for new one which hasn't happened :)

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous.

My daughter is a Freshman at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Being from So Cal she is so excited by the snow. She keeps sending me pictures from here cell phone. She spent last week in Hoffman Estates in Illinois, and she tells me when she saw it snowing she ran outside barefoot. Her boy friends dad could not stop laughing. Winter so puts me in the mood to craft.



Hello Linda,

Love your Winter Wonderland!
No snow here in Toronto yet...

~ Gabriela ~