Friday, December 5, 2008

I Need Milk And Frost

It seems like we have been in a film slump recently and I need to see something good! We are so lucky to have a wonderful independent movie theater in our town with very cushy seats. I would see just about anything there just to get their popcorn and Coke Zero. I am very much looking forward to Gus Van Sant's film about Harvey Milk. I have memories from my childhood about his murder and the ridiculous Twinkie Defense of his assassin. I am also planning on taking Lulu to see Ron Howard's film Frost/Nixon. I just hope I can shake the fact that the actor playing David Frost still looks exactly like Tony Blair. Have you seen any good movies lately?


Diane said...

Not a huge movie fan here. Just can't seem to sit still that long! It's gotta really grab my attention right away, or off I go, wandering, trying to find something to do.

I'm sometimes jealous of those who can just sit, relax, and enjoy a good movie. Hope you get to enjoy one this weekend!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

My daughter who read (actually obsessively devoured) the Twilight books in about a day reenacted them so enthusiastically for me I went to see the movie with her and her boyfriend. It was more entertaining watching my daughter act out all the parts. The bfriend was not impressed either - a definite teen chick flick. He would've rather seen James Bond. I would've rather stayed home or gone to the nearby 3 Stooges Festival even though I'm not that big a fan. Since the book always seems to be "better than the movie", I renewed my pessimism and probably won't go see anything else for awhile.

By the way though, the Discovery Store has the Planet Earth series on sale for $25 instead of the previous $75 - I ordered two sets as gifts.

hope505 said...

I'm interested in seeing Milk too...It will probably come to my town eventually. Cadillac Records has Beyonce in it as Etta James...that might be good.
* : )

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, yes, yes...that actor looks too much like Tony Blair - it gives me the heebie-jeebies - might be too distracting! They should have saved the 'Tony-look-alike' for the inevitable movie in which he will be needed!(Funny Oliver Stone didn't nab him, huh??)
Saucy & Loopy are looking forward to your company! Please give them a big bear hug - it's lonely here without them(and quiet,too!) xoxxoo the fan