Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Bonus Christmas!

Deke was very good this year so Santa brought him all of these!!!

Lulu was also on the nice list!!!

This is one of the gifts I gave my husband.
I found two of these very cool aluminum piano stools.

December 26th is Bonus Christmas Day at the Crispell home. We started doing this years ago as a way to help with the feeling of let down when the holiday is finally over. There is so much anticipation and preparation leading up to Christmas, and when it's over you are left with a weird feeling of loss. The best gift on Bonus Christmas is a gift that you find marked down to practically nothing in all of the day after sales! Target has great holiday gift sets on sale today and I will have to scoop a couple up. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and an even nicer Bonus Christmas!!!


hope505 said...

I love the idea of "bonus christmas"! Awesome!

sushi2 said...

I like your Bonus Christmas idea too. That's a great tradition, I'll try it next year.

Superbadfriend said...

VERY COOL!!! I've never even heard of a BONUS Christmas. That is Brilliant.

Is it scary out there (shopping) the day after Christmas? I don't want to get steamrolled by crazy shoppers waiting to enter Target or Water Tower...