Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Verde Design

Carson Sofa
Rachel Carson, Environmentalist and Author

Gaylord Sofa
Gaylord Nelson, former Senator and Governor of Wisconsin, Co-Founder Earth Day 1970

Verde Design may be the perfect company, they seem to be doing everything just right.
"Verde was built on a foundation of consciousness and style. Our products are developed in a manner that does the least amount of harm to the environment. Style, comfort and ecologically responsible design is our mission", Michele Fitzpatrick, Verde Design. When I stumbled upon Verde Design I found sofa nirvana, the designs are simple, timeless and stylish. Each sofa is handmade in Chicago using materials with the least amount of impact on the planet. Every detail is thought through including the names for the sofas. I love that Michele is honoring the heroes in the environmental movement by naming her designs after them. Please check out Verde Design in my favorites and see the full furniture line.


pishposh425 said...

What a great design! So cool!

Lani Robertson said...

how wonderful...i wish they lived in my living room! :0

i also noticed that you commented that you got you calling cards from Kooties Closet...i am glad you like them.

lani :0

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I do love the simplicity of those sofas.