Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Junkin' My Pumpkin

I would cover my children in bottle caps if they would sit still long enough. I love vintage bottle caps and I thought they would look great on my white pumpkin. Please check out Ki's Junk Camp and Linda's Restyled Home in my favorites for other pumpkin decorating ideas!


Kristen said...

How COOL! What a great idea :)

restyled home said...

Love it!! I would never have thought of that...which is why I could never win the contest!!

Thanks for joining in!

Katie Runnels said...

Cute! love the pink and green! xo

Anonymous said...

Biggest smile of my day so far was due to this pumpkin! LOVE IT!
Take care!

Saucy said...

That pumpkin is the snazziest one of the year! Hats off to you for it!