Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm It!

I've been Tagged: A game of 6 unique things.

I was tagged by Shabby Vintage Mom
The rules are simple, when you get tagged you must:

~ Link to the person who tagged you.
~ Mention the rules.
~ Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
1. I grind my teeth to powder every night.
2.I was cut from Oprah's show with guest Martha Stewart about 7 years ago. A Producer from Oprah's show came to my home and videotaped my craft closet. Martha was unveiling a craft armoire, I was sure I was going to be given one. I practiced my surprised reaction for a week. I bought an expensive DKNY suit just for the show. My Sister and I were picked up in a limo and brought to the Harpo Studios. Martha did a few cooking segments and waiters brought food out to the audience to sample,but I was too nervous to eat anything. Martha showed some dopey woman how to fold sheets and then gave her a set of towels and sheets. I had the flop sweats for an hour, my mouth was so dry I could have swallowed my tongue. During the last commercial break the Producer came over to me and told me that my segment was being cut due to time. I was given a copy of Martha's magazine, which I already subscribed to.
3.I could eat a million Rice Krispie treats even though they tear up the roof of my mouth.
4.I moved 13 times before the age of 18.
5. My Dad was a Nuclear Physicist. I think he wondered if there had been a mix up at the hospital when I was born.
6.I was an extra in movies shot in Chicago in the late 80's.


farmerjulie said...

Tag Me!

farmerjulie said...

what movies were you in?? That is cool!!
loved your answers!

farmerjulie said...

You poor girl.. Martha made a BIG mistake!!

Kristen said...

Man am I glad I tagged you!! I knew I'd LOVE hearing your 6 things. I think that's the hardest I've laughed today~ my daughter just came to me from the other room to see what I was laughing at.
That is awful about being cut! But I can't stop laughing about your mouth being so dry that you could have swallowed your tongue....I'm taking my son to the Dr., I know I'll still be laughing about it there!
Thanks for playing :)

**Oh ya, I want to see your craft closet!???

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thanks, Linda for tagging me - that was fun. You simply are not very weird or quirky, cute and perfect, but not so quirky, well, cute quirky, not weird quirky. So you have had so many brushes with fame (though you are kind of famous now - I look at a lot of blogs and you are most of them) I think Martha missed out on you, but then, if it had worked out, she would've snapped you and your lovely home up and we might never have met, so I'll thank my selfish lucky stars she hasn't found you yet. It's only a matter of time.

Cha Cha said...

Oooh! Fascinating. Were the Oprah people at least nice? I hate the idea of our Oprah being a vengeful Oprah.

Karen from A`Musements said...

Funny.... somehow I KNEW you were a "Krispie Treats" kinda gal...
WiShInG yOu anD yOuR FaMiLY a VeRY hAppY HaUNtiNg HaLLoWe'En!!!

Linda Crispell said...

Cha Cha,
Both Oprah and Martha were lovely. I was struck by how pretty Martha was in person and how personable Oprah was.

Katie Runnels said...

DArn it Martha! I hear you on the rice krispie treats!! YOu are sohysterical! Thanks for sharing! xoxo And, yeah... which movies??? said...

I have been slightly addicted to the 7 or 6 or whatever weird lists that people get tagged with. I find myself going from blog to blog to blog and reading these odd things about people and am intrigued. I have to say that yours is one of the most fun!

Now, you've got me craving the krispies! Hey, at least they will be easy to chew once your teeth are all ground away and gone.