Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Is The Size Of My Head

My freakishly large head has become a standard unit of measurement. For example, no one can eat a burrito the size of my head, but an official NBA game ball must fit in one of my hats. The large rubber band ball in the pic is 25 inches around, one inch larger than my noggin'! I love rubber band balls and it's actually getting hard to find colorful rubber bands to make them. My window of opportunity to find bags of rubber bands is right now, where school supplies are sold. I have to keep the rubber band thing on the down-low, it's kind of like having a ball of tin foil or a collection of dryer lint. You get some looks when you have a cart full of rubber bands at Office Max, and I have the large head which causes a stir too!


Sweet B Folk Art said...

Perhaps everyone around you just has a SMALL head!?

- Sweet B

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, My Gosh! Did you make these?!
I LOVE them!
Sandra Evertson

farmerjulie said...

i saw pre made rubber band balls at Staples today. They were in the pastel colors :) I thought of you! Of course :)!