Sunday, September 21, 2008

Style Icon

Louise Brooks is the perfect style icon. Cool clothes and that excellent bob, she would look perfectly modern today and this photo is from 1928. My daughter actually has this exact haircut, she is so lucky to have straight hair and a normal size head! I have always had a fondness for Louise's wide leg trouser pants with the waist that starts just under the rib cage. These were in style for about five minutes in the 1980s,
thanks to Morris Day and the Time.
If you haven't seen the silent German film Pandora's Box, you should try to find it. I guarantee you will marvel at her clothes and the beautiful furniture. The added bonus is her cute name in the film, LuLu!!!


farmerjulie said...

darling. love the hair. love the style! so fun and cool!

Kristen said...

Love your new background!

I remember the wide leg pants in the 80's, those were the best! I also saw Morris Day & Prince in concert...what seems like about 50 years ago!!

And I wish I could pull off
that hair-do :)

Linda Crispell said...

Kristen-I was there right along with you. Detroit, Purple Rain Tour! They had a record breaking 7 sold out shows at Joe Louis Arena. Gar actually saw Prince in Saks Fifth Avenue during his Detroit stint.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

She IS! And I think she's got a more attainable look than a lot of other style icons.

Cha Cha said...

I love her, too! Her classic bob is in the running for my next hairstyle.