Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let's Just Skip It

Is September 11th slowly becoming a normal day again? I have noticed that school functions are scheduled on this day, and even some events and openings are slated for September 11th. Ever since 2001 this day had been off-limits for even the most mundane events. I still feel very uncomfortable with 9/11, I actually bought a gallon of milk with an earlier expiration date on it just so I wouldn't have the fresher milk with that awful date on it. I know this is incredibly superstitious and dumb. I guess I am glad that people are moving on, it was such a surreal nightmarish time. Everyone was waiting for the next big horrible thing to happen, I vividly recall how uneasy people felt about shopping or going to the movies. Police were even posted outside Deke's Montessori school for at least a week and Lulu's school went into "lock down" mode. This photo was taken of LuLu in Battery Park a couple summers before the towers came down. It seems so poignant that she is in a red and white striped shirt and blue jeans and has her fist raised up in defiance. I wouldn't mind if we just skipped the 11th the way some Architects skip having a 13th floor.


ZenCrafter said...

Wow, I hadn't even remembered the date today this year! I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I live in a smaller town in upstate New York, and not in LA, as I did when the attacks occurred. I feel safe here, and I definitely didn't in LA on 9/11 and after. Thanks for the reminder to commemorate the event and its victims in some way today.

Thanks for posting more of your collages! I love the Blue Chair series!!

Sandra Evertson said...

I agree!
And Thank You for the sweet little tweet, I Love it!
*wink* ;)
Sandra Evertson

Linda Crispell said...

I showed very poor judgement last night. I spent the entire evening watching archival 9/11 footage on the History Channel. I had to stay up watching happy things until 3am just to get to sleep. Where's A Joannie Loves Chatchi rerun when you need it?

Karen from A`Musements said...

This is an amazing picture (one your daughter will be spellbound by when she is a lot older, I would imagine... so prophetic) and your observations mirror mine. My daughter was in junior high when 9/11 happened, and I was terrified even though I was living 3,000 miles away from the Twin Towers! I felt like the people listening to "War of the Worlds" must have felt... like it's 'over there now, but coming this direction' ... OUR people need help... what will we DO?!
It's hard to know how to show a devotion to the memory of it all and to the families and friends of these people who vanished in a mind-boggling act of aggression. How DO you say enough, pray enough, cry enough for their pain? I too avoided the 'sell by' date on the milk and eggs... It's a question you (because you are a great person with a huge heart) will ask yourself the rest of your life. Just think Linda...if all the world was inhabited with people with your sensibilities, this never would have happened.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this.

Saucy said...

What a poignant little photo!