Friday, September 26, 2008

Kimba vs. Watergate

I am so pleased to see that both of my kids are so interested in the political process. It is such an exciting election with so much change possible.
I remember when I was in elementary school my younger sister and I were able to go home for lunch. I had to race her home every day so I could watch the live coverage of the Watergate Trials during lunch. If she beat me home we had to watch Kimba The White Lion, eeeww. I was fascinated by the entire spectacle, I felt sorry for John Dean and his pretty wife Maureen, with her neat little bun. I thought Judge Sirica was amusing and Haldeman, Erlichman and G. Gordon Liddy gave me the willies. I hated having to leave the trial when my lunch period was over. My sister spent much of our lunch break pleading with my Mom that we should be watching Kimba.
That summer we rented a cottage in Wisconsin without a television set. The day Nixon resigned we had to go to a stranger's home and watch the historic event. We drove back home later in the day and listened to all of the Nixon coverage on the radio. When Nixon gave his farewell address to the White House Staff it was broadcast live on the radio. I was feeling very sorry for him and wanted to cry, I was so saddened by his remarks about his Mother being a Saint, and no one would write a book about her. He spoke of his Father, the poor lemon rancher and rambled on and on. My Parent's were barely able to contain their laughter. Oh, the wee little me silently weeping for Richard Nixon. I ended up becoming quite the Watergate idiot savant!

Some not so interesting facts:
1. A few years after Watergate I won a social studies competition for knowing the name
B.B. Rebozo.
2. I lived in constant fear because my Dad kept sending telegrams to Nixon with the word "Resign".
3. I sweat just like Richard Nixon
4. On the 22 year anniversary of the Watergate break-in, my daughter LuLu was born June 17, 1994.


farmerjulie said...

my daughter was born on June 17th!!
I loved this Linda!! What a neat story! How cute were you! Cracks me up that Dad kept sending letters to resign..haha..
I am a news junkie. i love political stuff. watching it right now!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I also felt bad for Nixon.