Thursday, September 4, 2008

Egg Hunt

This is just a wee example of my marble egg collection. I keep cool colors in a tall glass urn and warm colors in another one. I started collecting marble eggs when I was 10 years old and lived in France. We would visit different countries and I would be given a very small allowance to buy souvenirs on our trips. The eggs were always very inexpensive and came from the country we were visiting. My first egg was purchased in Turkey at the wonderful Turkish Bazaar, it was also my first experience haggling. I soon found more beautiful eggs in Greece and Italy, and have been on the hunt ever since.



We went to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico when I was in junior high and I came back with two marble eggs which I still have. Love them!

The Paris Apartment said...

There is something magical about marble eggs. Your collection is just beautiful, the colors and the sizes make a visual feast!

Donna said...

What a beautiful collection! Love all the colors!

I was just visiting Farmer Julie and found you.


Sarah said...

I am in love with your collections! I want to come over and play. P.S. Happy Anniversary!

Edgar and Edgar said...

What a delightful Blog!!!


Superbadfriend said...

OOH Linda these are so beautiful. All of your collections are so charming.

I was delighted to open my friend's fridge only to find his marble egg collection in the egg compartment.

If you run out of room, don't forget there's always space in your own fridge.