Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Collecting Amnesia

Cleaning out the basement I rediscovered some cool stuff that I had completely forgotten about. It's kind of like finding a twenty dollar bill in a coat that hasn't been worn in ages.
I picked up these little guys years ago at a Chinese store in Chicago. I imagined this group strolling down the center of our dining table with fresh flowers or herbs in their buckets and salt and pepper in their trays and baskets. The guy on the bike had no purpose except to look cute. After being tucked away for years these guys are back in business!


Lani Robertson said...

what a cute group...they would look wonderful on a table! you will have to post a picture when you get them displayed! :)

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hey - I love finding little things Ive forgotten about too - like receiving an unexpected present. What about LOSING the stuff in the first place! I just know I bought a political themed planter with a donkey and elephant in boxing gloves... ah well - I'll probably find it after the election.

-Sweet B

Freshly Found said...

I like thrifting at the best of times, but when the great finds are in your own home, that's even better!