Saturday, August 23, 2008

We'll Be There!!!

We are loading up the car and heading down to Springfield! We want the kids to see Barack Obama introduce his running mate, and witness what is sure to be an exciting event and an eloquent speech. I have actually never seen a President in person, or a person that I hope will be President. Mr. Man had to escort Vice President Cheney around Super Great Doll Place as he shopped for dolls. They had to awkwardly ride an elevator together, eeew. Tough making small talk. Anyway, we are all very excited about going to our first political rally. Lulu will most certainly be adding to her political button collection and Deke is hoping for an Obama action figure, I told him not to get his hopes up on that one.

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Linda Crispell said...

Update: 9 hours of driving, Ben suffered a heat stroke, the good news is that we could see Obmana's head from the red cross medical area. The Secret Service wouldn't let us take beverages in to the rally. Only drinks once inside the sweltering, crowded rally were cups of water being sold at a fundraising tent. Probably could have just watched it on CNN, certainly the kids won't forget this experience.