Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tony Fitzpatrick, You Don't Get Any Cooler!

collage by Tony Fitzpatrick

Collages By Tony Fitzpatrick 2008

LuLu and Deke are photographed with our favorite artist, Tony Fitzpatrick. He invited us to the opening of his fantastic exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center. He creates the most amazing fine art,collage drawings using vintage matchbook covers and wonderful ephemera. The collages above are part of his New Orleans Project they are heartbreaking and beautiful. His work is inspiring and you will learn something new no matter how many times you've looked at the piece. Tony's art is in countless museums, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Modern Art NYC, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The most amazing thing is that he is a genuinely nice guy! My very first collage sale was to Tony, imagine that. He asked to buy one of my collages and I responded by saying I would pay him and bake him a pie. Tony insisted and gave me some valuable advice about keeping a kernel of dignity when it comes to my work. Please check him out under my "Favorites" or next time you're at a museum.

The Chicago Tribune layout of our house will be in the magazine section on Sunday, August 17. That would have been my Dad, George Summerfield's 70th birthday.


Karen from A`Musements said...

OH I LOVE TONY FITZPATRICK'S WORK!!! Isn't his art amazing? It is so compelling with the richness of each piece he creates. They are all so full of character; so intriguing.... I am envious of your invitation to the showing, and the fact that you are able to be around that kind of creative talent. OBVIOUSLY YOU(!!!!!) are incredible in your own right, and what a 'nod' to your abilities as a tremendous artist that he would want to buy your work! What a great post, and congratulations to both of you... you should be SO proud of your ART!
Pea green in Oregon...

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ZenCrafter said...

Whoa! Thanks for the introduction to Tony Fitzpatrick's work! Just looking at his collages that you posted made something click in my head (in a good way, not the late-night insomnia kind of click). Off to start a sketch of something I've been thinking about this weekend.