Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's A Girl!

If Liberace and Sid Viscous had a baby it would be these boots! LuLu picked these up over the weekend during a jaunt down to Halsted Street Market Days (at least 10 blogs worth of stories, yikes). These are vintage Doc Martens, never worn, stored away in a stock room for the past 20 years. LuLu had her eye on some new Docs that have a non-sparkly gold finish, so we went on a hunt. I remembered this store from when I lived in the neighborhood 100 years ago. I always imagined musicians would pick up their rock star clothes here. When I told my 29 year old musician brother, Toby about the boots and the store, he seemed quite shocked and said "You took LuLu into an S&M store?" Silly boy, of course not, it's the place where rock stars go to get their outfits! Toby said "didn't you notice the leather masks and bondage stuff?" I always imagined a Judas Priest or a Megadeth tribute band from Des Moines picking those up, I said quite defensively. I simply had no clue! I am so glad I didn't tell the young woman trying on the rubber suit that rubber doesn't breath, and she will get very hot.

It's offical, I have completely run out of things to say.
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Beth Quinn said...

that is hilarious !!!! so glad you find your way out okay , i can totally see myself doing something like that i am so nieve sometimes - LOL!!

farmerjulie said...

too funny!! hahaha.!

Superbadfriend said...

hahahahahaha! OMG. Terry, Michael and I were there. I can't believe we didn't see you. Seriously. There must've been a bazillion people there. We had three little guys around Madeline's age with us. That would have been a riot had we bumped into you two at the "rock star shop".


Gabriela said...

Hello Linda,

Ohhhh these boots! Love them!
Rock on! :o)

~ Gabriela ~