Thursday, August 7, 2008

So That's Where The Missing Socks Go!

It is a beautiful day today! We are heading to the city (Chicago) for a girly day with Lulu, followed by a nice dinner out with Mr. Man and Deke. The last time we did this I wanted to dress up a bit with nicer black pants and wee heels. I opened up my package of Spanx, squeezed in like sausage in casing and was able to successfully button my pants.. Unfortunately, it was hard to enjoy the day not being in comfortable clothes. The Spanx weren't helping matters, everything felt a bit odd and misplaced. When we returned home and I was getting into comfortable clothes, I discovered one of Mr. Man's athletic socks had been clinging to the inside of the seat of my pants all day! Ickity, this explains the weird feeling all day. I think I'll wear a skirt today.


Superbadfriend said...

AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA the same happened to me. One of Scott's socks was in the crotch of one of my pants and it felt so odd all day. I couldn't figure it out until I tooks them off and out it fell.

Skirt next time for sure!


Katie Runnels said...

So funny!! I have a love/hate with spanx too! i'm working on a blog post about you-hopefully today or tomorrow! I hope that's ok!!?? your art is wonderful and your blog is a pure joy to read every day!!

Kristen said...

That is TOO funny! I've thought about trying Spanx too... without the Sock of course.
Thanks for the link to my Blog :)