Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tres jolie

We had these cupcakes for Mr. Man's birthday! I collect these adorable ballerinas, why don't they make them anymore? I found the most amazing box of vintage cake decorations at the Volo Antique Mall in Volo, Illinois. I bought six packages of beautiful birds made from sugar, they had their original dime store price of .19 cents. I wonder why these are no longer produced either. I can't imagine that anything so beautiful could fall out of favor with consumers. Whenever we travel I always check out the local grocery store in hopes of finding beautiful cake decorations. I did strike gold in Paris at Bon Marche's Food Emporium! They had wonderful colored sugars and shaped sugar cubes. I picked up pastel sugar cubes that look just like buttons, they even have two holes in them. My goal is to find every place in the world where they are still making these lovely decorations. Check out The Layer Cake Shop, the link is under my favorite places!


Sarah said...

Yum! These look like edible Rockettes. I have yet to find beautiful cake decorations - mass produced Disney characters just don't cut it sometimes! P.S. I love the music and so does my sister!

Linda Crispell said...

Sarah-Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you and your sister like the music!

Superbadfriend said...

Please don't kill the music, really adds to the environment here.

Those cupcakes are beautiful.

Happy Birthday Gar!!!


Katie Runnels said...

oooh! so pretty! do you have a photo of the sugar birds!? i've never seen any such thing-must be heavenly! xo
(if no pics-pls. don't go to any trouble!)

Linda Crispell said...

Katie- Thanks! You can see the vintage sugar birds in a collage I did of cake decorations in my Home Companion layout. I have a link to the article and pics on the main page.