Monday, July 14, 2008

A Perfect Day for the Flea Market!!!!

It was a beautiful day for the flea market yesterday. There were tons of outdoor vendors and it was packed inside the buildings! Lulu made out like a bandit, she scored some great vintage political pins and some excellent jewelry. I found an old potato chip tin with really cute graphics that will make the perfect wastebasket for Deke's room. I could have spent the whole day hunting but we only had one hour to shop. We had a nostalgic lunch at Dogs and Suds in Grayslake, who doesn't love a tray of food being hitched to the window? I miss the heavy glass root beer mugs which have been replaced with paper cups. I guess after seeing A & W mugs at the flea market, I understand why they made the switcheroo.

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gar-age said...

I was at the flea market too. Did you notice how many plants were for sale? Since when did landscaping become an antique??