Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

How cool is a giant Green Giant? We stopped for pics with the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth Minnesota off I-90. We recently went on a road trip to see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and we were easily distracted by roadside attractions like the big green guy and any signs for antique malls, cowboy boots and homemade pie. It takes us twice as long to get anywhere as a result of our frequent stops. I am a sucker for a giant duck with a gift shop inside (Long Island), or a house shaped like a shoe (Pennsylvania). We are going on our annual driving trip to N.Y.C. soon and I can't wait to discover new attractions along the way!

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farmerjulie said...

hi linda! thanks for popping by. I have faved your stuff on Etsy! I am a big fan!!
Talk soon..Julie