Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crazy Clean

After we get back from the flea market today we have to insanely clean the house. We have another photo shoot here on Thursday, and we live in a crack den when no one is photographing our house. I told Deke to think of our house for the next few days as if a museum and an operating room had a baby, it would be our house. This may be a bit too abstract, just don't dump your toys out. When we had Home Companion shooting at our house I knew there would be no reason for anyone to see my closet, they certainly weren't going to shoot a closet full of black Target t-shirts and khaki pants. My closet became the dumping ground for everything that doesn't belong in a magazine shoot. Our toaster oven, coffee pot, Costco size box of Rice Krispies, legos, boots, backpacks you name it, and it ended up in my closet. I had to run out on the first morning for a few minutes and when I returned I saw one of my tunics draped over a chair in the living room. Yikes, they had innocently ventured in to my closet to find something with color. I can't imagine what they thought when they had to step over an ice cream maker and a basketball to get to my shirt. I learned my lesson, this time we aren't going to hide things in my closet. I think we will bury everything in the backyard.


Superbadfriend said...

I want to hear where you ended up hiding stuff. tee hee. Am home today cleaning as well. Good luck with the shoot.


Ronnie said...

I got diverted by one of your little boxes. Not the ones in your closet. I love how you think.
You wrote,"when Home Companion was shooting at our house..."
An image popped into my head of Mary Englebrite standing in your driveway with a machine gun. It wasn't pretty, but pretty funny.