Sunday, July 27, 2008

37 Cracker Barrels Between Chicago and NYC

It's getting to be the time in the summer when everyone hits the road for the last road trip before school starts again. We are planning our annual trip to New York and mentally preparing for the many hours trapped in the car. I look forward to the stops at Cracker Barrel for some odd reason, I think they play subliminal messages behind the country music. "You will buy a novelty sweatshirt and order chicken fried steak" quickly takes over the unconscious mind! Mr. Man usually has to talk me down from trying to buy a Coca Cola tumbler or a John Deere night light. It is guaranteed that we will stock up on cute nostalgic candy to put in our kitchen jars. By the time we get to Ohio my jaws ache from the bag of Bit o' Honey that I pounded, I am sure they were soft in '92. I take comfort in the fact that the Ohio Turnpike has the cleanest bathrooms along the way, I still have to use my foot to open doors, turn on water, get paper towels. What did I do before Purell? Hope everyone has a great vacation.


Beth Quinn said...

hi linda !!! thanks so much for adding me to your links and visiting my blog ! i will add you too , just love your stuff !! those dress collages are awesome !
take care,

dollybelle said...

Great blog Linda! Love your ETSY site also!
Good to know for future assemblages!
I really love your collage paintings too!

Katie Runnels said...

I feel the same way about C.B!!
You are too funny! Safe Travels!!